Physics questions to help you revise.
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1 What does the N stand for on a magnet?
Name is the metric unit for MASS?
Name the third planet from the sun?
Is the moon a satellite, planet or star?
5 What is your approximate height: A: 1500mm, B: 15m, C: 500cm or D: 0.1km ?  
6 What is the normal melting point of water?  
7 Name an instrument you would use to measure temperature:  
8 What is your approximate mass: A: 4.5kg, B: 45 000g, C: 0.01tonne or D: 150kg ?   
9 How many planets are there in our solar system? A: 5, B: 7, C: 8, D: 12, E: 15  
10 What force holds a planet in orbit around the sun  
What is the unit for force
In what unit is volume measured?
13 What is the unit for current?   
14 What is the normal boiling point of water?  
15 Name an instrument you would use to measure the volume of a liquid:  
16 Two magnets, when brought together, repel. If the pole of one magnet is NORTH what is the other pole?  
17 Do magnetic field lines run from North to South or South to North?
Which planet is nearest to the sun?
19 What happens to the current through a component if the voltage is increased? (INCREASE, DECREASE or NOT CHANGE)  
20 What happens to the current in a circuit if the resistance is increased? A: increase, B: decease or C: stay the same  
21 What form of energy is stored in a battery?   
22 What form of energy is in a stretched elastic band
23 What form of energy is stored in a spinning disk?   
24 During an eclipse of the sun: A: the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon, B: the Moon is between the Sun and the Earth  
Name the metric unit for ENERGY
26 Name an instrument you would use to help measure the thickness of a hair:  
27 Name an instrument used for measuring CURRENT in a circuit:   
28 A bike waiting at the top of a hill would have what sort of energy
29 The tilt of the Earth is responsible for: A: the length of the day/night B: the length of the year or C:the change in seasons (you may pick more than one)
30 What energy change takes place when coal burns
31 There are two forces on a floating boat. Which force pushes up and helps the boat float?
32 An electric torch is switched on. What energy change takes place in the battery?  
33 What name is given to the bending of light.   
34 What name is given to the kind of switch that can be closed using a magnet.  
35 If a guitar string is plucked harder what would happen: A: pitch increase, B:pitch decrease, C: amplitude increase  
36 If a guitar string is made tighter what would happen: A: pitch increase, B: pitch decrease, C: amplitude increase  
37 What is the unit for voltage ?  
38 You hold a mass of 100g in the palm of your out-stretched hand. With what force does the mass press on your hand?  
39 Use your knowledge of particles moving to explain why a liquid evaporates quicker when it is warm.
40 When levering a top from a paint can which is easier to use: a screwdriver with a short handle or one with a long handle (explain)
41 Which would stretch the least A) a single spring B) two springs in parallel. C) two springs in series?  
42 Which would stretch more A) a single spring B) two springs in parallel. C) two springs in series?  
43 Which would have the greater volume, 1kg of water, 1kg of wood or 1kg of aluminium?.  
44 A brick measures 5cm x 5cm x 20cm.
What is the volume of the brick?
45 What is a galaxy and to which galaxy does our Sun belong?
46 A brick rests on a table. You push the brick so that it starts to slide. How many forces act on the brick?   
47 A brick measures 5cm x 5cm x 20cm and has a mass of 1000g. What is the DENSITY of the brick?   
48 A force can make an object do four things: slow down and change shape are two of them. What are the other two?   
49 A man on a parachute is falling at a steady speed. There are two forces on him: Gravity (pulling down) and air resistance (pushing up).
Which force (if either) is the greater?
50 What is the usual unit of pressure?  
51 The Moon and planets do not give out any light so how are they visible to us on Earth?
52 What is the unit for density?  
53 What is the normal density of water?  
54 Which will have more resistance, a single light bulb, or two bulbs in series or two in parallel?  
55 What formula is used to calculate density?  
56 What formula is used to calculate pressure?  
57 You make an electromagnet by wrapping some wire around an iron nail. How could the strength of the magnet be made stronger?
58 How can one test to show that an object is a magnet?
59 What force causes a moving car to slow down?  
60 If a 600 grams of butter were taken to the moon would its weight GET LESS, INCREASE, or STAY THE SAME?   
61 A block of butter has a mass of 600g on the Earth. What would be the mass of the butter on the Moon?  
62 Name the force that causes a tyres to grip the road  
63 What formula is used to calculate speed?
64 A car takes 2 hours to travel 120km
What is the average speed of the car?
65 If a road is wet why are we meant to reduce our speed when driving or leave a graeter distnce between us and the car in front?  
66 A prism is a block of glass (or plastic) that will cause white light to split up into a rainbow of colours.
What do we call this process and what is the name given to the rainbow of colours?


North seeking pole!
Kilogram or Gram
45 000g
There are 8 planets in our Solar system
The Newton
Cubic centimeters (cm3)
Ampere (or Amp)
Measuring cylinder
North to South (the arrow on the line will point away from north)
The current will INCREASE
If the resistance is increased the current will DECREASE
Chemical energy
Strain (elastic) energy
Kinetic energy
Answer B: The moon is between the Sun and the Earth
Answers A and C (not B)
Chemical energy to Heat (internal) energy
Chemical energy to Electrical energy
Reed switch
Answer C: Amplitude increase (sound louder)
Answer A: Pitch increase (sound higher)
1 Newton
Particles are constantly moving. Whe a liquid is warm the particles vibrate quicker and fly off the surface faster.
A long screwdriver is easier because the force is further away from the fulcrum.
Two springs in parallel (side by side).
They would stretch half the amount of a single spring
Two springs in series.
They would stretch twice the amount as a single spring.
A kilogram of wood would have the most volume (we know this because  wood floats on water so must have a lower density)
A galaxy is a large collection of stars. Our Sun belongs to the Milky Way galaxy.
4 Forces    i.The table pushing on the brick. ii.The brick pushing on the table. iii.You pushing on the brick. iv.Friction slowing it down
Speed up or change direction
Neither. If the man is falling at a steady speed then  the forces on him must be the same size.
Newtons per square centimetre (N/cm2)
Light from the Sun shines on the Moon (or planet) and is reflected back to Earth.
(g/cm3)Grams per cubic centimetre
1 g/cm3
Two bulbs in series have more resistance than a single bulb
Density = mass / volume
Pressure = force / area
You could make the magnet stronger 2 ways:
1. Increase the current through the wire (by using more cells). 2: Use more coils of wire
The only test for a magnet is to see if it is repelled by another magnet
Friction (or drag)
The weight of the butter would be less on the Moon (the mass would stay the same)
The mass would still be 600g (the mass of an object never changes)
Speed = distance / time
S= 120/2 = 60 km/hour
A wet road reduces the friction between the tyre and the road so the car is more likely to skid. This means we cant brake so hard and our stopping distance will increase.
The splitting of light into colours is called ‘dispersion’ and the rainbow is known as a ‘spectrum