Common Entrance Revision: Includes more advanced questions
30 questions suitable for scholarship               KS3 Levels 5 and 6

1. What biological process releases oxygen into the atmosphere?
2. The base of a brick measures 20cm x 8cm.

When resting on the ground it excerts a pressure of 0.125 N/cm2.

What is the mass of the brick?
(The Earth’s gravity excerts a force of 10 N/kg)
3. flowerThe diagram shows different parts of a flower

What is the name of part d?
4. The diagram shows a human embryo.
Which label represents the placenta?
5. What kind of substance is air
6. Cu is the symbol for which chemical element
7. What is a PLACENTA?
8. Which of the energy changes below represents that which takes place in a firework rocket?
9. How far does sound travel in 1 second
10. Which is the largest out of

11. How can alcohol be obtained from wine?
12. About 20cm of magnesium ribbon is chopped up into 1cm lengths and placed in a crucible which is then weighed along with its lid.

The crucible is heated strongly and the lid gently raised avery few seconds.

When the reaction is over the crucible + contents + lid are all re-weighed

These are his results:
  • Mass of empty crucible + lid  = 51.2g
  • Mass of crucible + lid + magnesium (before heating) = 54.3g
  • Mass of crucible + lid + contents (after heating) = 54.7g

The lid is important in this experiment.
If the lid was not used how would this effect the results? 
13. What is the name of the chemical which has the formula CH4 ?
14. Something has kinetic energy when….
15. Scurvy, an illness that used to occur a lot in sailors taking long sea voyages, is cause by
16. and-circuit-2What kind of circuit is this?
17. ledWhat component does this electrical symbol represent?
18. George thought that large magnets would be stronger than small magnets. This statement is a ….
19. What is the chemical symbol for magnesium?
20. Taking cuttings, budding and forming runners are all examples of what process?
21. Excess copper oxide is stirred into sulphuric and filtered. What colour will the final solution be?
22. Which of these sentences is correct
23. The circuit below shows 3 lamps (P, Q and R) and 4 ammeters (A1, A2, A3 and A4)
The lamps are all similar to each other.

ammetersA1 reads 0.3A
If A2 reads 0.2amps what will be the reading on A3?
24. Name the metric unit for energy
25. What type of acid is often put in car batteries?
26. At what age does a boy normally reach puberty?
27. Put the statements about the human life cycle into the correct order:
A: Puberty :B Birth C: Adolescence D: Childhood
E: Adult
28. What gas is produced when calcium carbonate is added to dilute hydrochloric acid?
29. How many elements are present in the compound calcium carbonate?
Calcium carbonate has the formula CaCO3
30. photosynthesis2This is a diagram of an experiment to demonstrate photosynthesis.

What is the name of the colourless gas that collected in the test tube?