Common Entrance Revision: Includes more advanced questions
30 questions suitable for scholarship               KS3 Levels 5 and 6

1. What two substances are made by a plant during PHOTOSYNTHESIS?

2. Name one of the only two liquid elements
3. Look at the graph below which shows the solubility of 3 substances, A, B and C in 100g of water at different temperatures
graph2For which substance does the temperature of the water have the least effect on the solubility?
4. Put the following processes into the correct order if you wished to obtain pure salt from rock salt
5. Wax is a compound of hydrogen and carbon (known as hydrocarbon).

What are the products of the reaction that takes place when wax burns completely in air.
7. What is the main function for the leaves of a plant
8. When copper foil is heated with a roaring bunsen flame and it quickly turns black.
What is the name of the black chemical formed?
9. What form of energy is stored in a piece of coal?
10. Name the PROCESS you would use to obtain a sample of SOLID SALT from some sea water
11. Dry Ice is the name for which frozen substance?
12. The filament of an electric light bulb is often made of
13. Where does fertilization take place in the human body?
14. Name the waste gas that we breath out
(produced during respiration)
15. A: New plant grows B: Seeds are dispersed
C: Seeds germinate D: Flower pollinated
E: Ovules are fertilized
Write the letters in the correct order (starting with D)
16. How far does sound travel in 1 second
17. You have four substances which you label A, B, C and D.
One is a mixture, one a metallic element one a non-metallic element and one a compound.

They have the following properties:
AA yellow, crumbly solid that burns to form a single colourless gas which turns universal indicator red
BA grey, malleable solid that burns to form a single white alkaline oxide
CA colourless liquid. The liquid is warmed in a shallow dish and after a few minutes a white residue is seen
DA green solid that decomposes when heated to form a colourless gas and leave a black powder
Which of the substances is likely to be a non-metallic element ?
18. What is the approximate number of elements?
19. Why does a plant have root hairs on the root
20. and-circuit-2What kind of circuit is this?
21. Which part of a plant which takes water and dissolved nutrients from the ground ?
22. If water is added to anhydrous copper sulphate what would be the colour of the product?
23. Some copper foil is heated in a sealed test tube until the copper stops changing colour. What gas is the copper reacting with?
24. Brass is an alloy of which two metals
25. Which of the following is not a force
26. Citric acid would be found in which house-hold substance?
27. Heat from the sun reaches us by
28. Neurons are found mainly in what part of our body?
29. Arachnids’ are another name for which kind of animal
30. Which of the following is NOT true about how human babies develop