Common Entrance Revision: Includes more advanced questions
30 questions suitable for scholarship               KS3 Levels 5 and 6

1. Something has kinetic energy when….
2. When does photosynthesis take place in a plant?
3. Name three structures you may find in a plant cell but not an animal cell
4. What two substances are made by a plant during PHOTOSYNTHESIS?

5. A moving car has which kind of energy:
6. The legs of a chair each have an area of 20cm2 .

The chair has  4 legs and a mass of 4kg.

What is the pressure of each leg on the ground?
7. Why does a plant have root hairs on the root
8. Pick the two products of respiration
9. Name the organ that supplies the embryo with food and oxygen
10. Flour is INSOLUBLE in water. When flour is shaken with water what will it form?
11. Where would you find villi in the human body?
12. What type of acid is found in your stomach?
13. What is the chemical formula for SALT (sodium chloride)?
14. The diagram shows a distance time graph for a model car.
During which section of the journey was the car travelling the fastest?
15. Name the waste gas that we breath out
(produced during respiration)
16. Which of the following is NOT true about the Moon
17. A solar eclipse happens when
18. Excess copper oxide is stirred into sulphuric and filtered. What colour will the final solution be?
19. Which of these is a chemical change?
20. Which part of a plant which takes water and dissolved nutrients from the ground ?
21. You have four substances which you label A, B, C and D.
One is a mixture, one a metallic element one a non-metallic element and one a compound.

They have the following properties:
AA yellow, crumbly solid that burns to form a single, colourless gas which turns universal indicator red.
BA grey, malleable solid that burns to form a single, white, alkaline oxide.
CA colourless liquid. The liquid is warmed in a shallow dish and after a few minutes a white residue is seen.
DA green solid that decomposes when heated to form a colourless gas and leave a black powder.
Which of the substances is likely to be a mixture ?
22. Which organ is our body contains lots of neurons
23. What sort of energy is produced by an electric motor?
24. Which of the substances listed below is the odd one out?
25. Which would be the best substance to neutralize some spilt hydrochloric acid?
26. What part of a cell releases energy?
27. If solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) is warmed it will:
28. This image shows the magnetic field lines around a bar magnet

bar-magnetWhich end of the magnet will be north, A or B?
29. Look at the graph below which shows the solubility of 3 substances A, B and C  in 100g of water at different temperatures
graph2How many grams of solute A dissolves in water which is at 70°C?
30. The word equation below shows the reaction between iron and copper sulphate solution

Iron + copper sulphate  →  ******** + iron sulphate What is the missing chemical from the equation?