Common Entrance Revision: 30 easier questions
KS3 Levels 3 and 4

1. The seeds of a plant are found in which organ?

2. What is the unit of volume?

3. What name is given to the blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart?

4. Pick the correct sentence from those given to best  describe the term below:


5. circuit1bThe diagram shows a circuit containing two similar bulbs and a battery.

If Bulb B is unscrewed what will happen to bulb A?

6. What does the kidney do?

7. What causes day and night?

8. bunsen1bThis diagram shows a Bunsen burner.
The flame is yellow and smoky.

Is the air hole open or closed?

9. cell3This diagram shows three human body cells

Which one represents a sperm cell?

10. Which part of our body controls our actions

11. The spine (or backbone) is used for

12. Pick a black solid from the list below

13. Pick the best description to describe the word REFRACTION:

14. Which gas is removed from the air when something burns?

15. Name an instrument for measuring the current in a circuit

16. What object is at the centre of our solar system

17. The substance found in pencil ‘leads’ is made from

18. Is water an element compound or mixture?

19. If a violin string is going to make a sound it

20. Which of the following substances below can you use as a fuel?

21. Metal is the best material for a radiator because it

22. Which of the gases below does not burn?

23. Name the organ that supplies the embryo with food and oxygen

24. What needs to be done to make a guitar string sound higher

25. What colour would Universal Indcator turn when added to a weak acid?

26. Which of the following animals is an INSECT (has six legs))

27. Which of the energy changes below represents that which takes place when some wood is burnt

28. What word describes something that you can see through?

29. A liquid with a pH of 9 would be described as …..

30. bunsen2b-1This diagram shows a Bunsen burner.

Which is the hottest part of the flame?