Common Entrance Revision: 30 easier questions
KS3 Levels 3 and 4

1. The fourth planet from the Sun is

2. What will iodine do when heated in an open test tube?

3. cell4How can you be certain that this cell is from a plant?

4. Which would be the best material to make a cheap washing-up bowl that’s easy to carry around.

5. cell4This is a diagram of a plant cell
What is the function of the chloroplasts?

6. What is the unit of pressure?

7. How many centimetres in a metre?

8. What gas is used up by plants during photosynthesis

9. Which of the following are examples of chemical changes

10. Why are pan handles often covered in plastic (or wood)?

11. Two magnets, when brought near each other are found to REPEL (push apart)
If the pole of one magnet is north what is the pole of the other magnet?

12. Name the waste gas that we breath out
(produced during respiration)

13. A man was using a crowbar to move a stone.
Unfortunately the stone was still too heavy  for the man to move.

crowbarTo make the stone easier to move should he use a longer or shorter crowbar?

14. What do we mean by an animal being cold blooded?

15. Alice put four objects on to a tray and slowly tipped it up.
The pencil sharpener slid first. The matchbox slid next. Then the scissors. The rubber slid last. Which object had the most friction between it and the tray?

16. What percentage of the air is oxygen (approximately)?

17. Name three structures you would find in all living cells

18. The term ‘ CERAMICS’ refers to what group of substances?

19. measuring cylinder2This diagram shows a measuring cylinder being used to measure the volume of some water.

What volume of water is being measured?

20. Pick the best description to describe the word REFLECTION:

21. At what age does a boy normally reach puberty?

22. Pick a chemical that decomposes when heated

23. What is the test for carbon dioxide gas?

24. The best way to remove sand from water is

25. What is the name of the force which causes a moving car to slow down?

26. Fran pulled a box containing some weights across the carpet. She used a force meter to measure the force needed to pull the box.
What force was making the box difficult to move?

27. How many millilitres in a litre?

28. What needs to be done to make a guitar string sound higher

29. Which of the foods below is the healthiest source of energy

30. What colour will universal turn when mixed with hydrochloric acid?