Common Entrance Revision: 30 easier questions
KS3 Levels 3 and 4

1. Which single piece of apparatus would be the best to use if you wished to find the volume of glass in a glass stopper

2. Which of these substances aree electrical insulators?

3. A liquid with a pH of 9 would be described as …..

4. Is carbon dioxide a solid, liquid or gas?
(at normal room temperature)

5. Lettuce —-> slug ——> thrush ——-> fox

In the food chain above what is the predator of the thrush?

6. When a guitar makes a higher note what happens to the vibrating string?

7. If the North seeking pole of one magnet is brought near the south seeking pole of another magnet what will happen?

8. When a gas changes to a liquid the process is called

9. What colour would Universal Indcator turn when added to a neutral liquid?

10. A moving car has which kind of energy:

11. What is the test for carbon dioxide gas?

12. The best way to separate sand from iron filings is

13. What do we call the first organism in any food chain?

14. What gas is produced when zinc is added to dilute sulphuric acid?

15. apparatus3What is the name of the piece of apparatus shown?

16. Why are fresh fruit and vegetables important in our diet?

17. What colour is sulphur?

18. Pick the correct sentence from those given to best  describe the term below:


19. What type of object is the Sun?

20. I know that air is a GAS because

21. Pollen reaching the stigma of a plant is known as

22. circuit1 

Which of the lamps in the diagram will be on?

23. What do we call the line followed by a planet as it moves around the sun?

24. Fran pulled a box containing some weights across the carpet. She used a force meter to measure the force needed to pull the box.
What force was making the box difficult to move?

25. After a girl reaches puberty, how often will her body release an egg?

26. What type of object is the Earth?

27. Which would be the best instrument to measure the volume of some water?

28. Name three structures you would find in all living cells

29. The term ‘ CERAMICS’ refers to what group of substances?

30. An acid would have what pH number?