Common Entrance Revision: 30 easier questions
KS3 Levels 3 and 4

1. Kitchen cooking foil is made out of which substance

2. spiderTo which group does this animal belong?

3. Which part of our body consists mostly of nerve cells

4. What colour will universal turn when mixed with water?

5. Which of the sentences below is not correct

6. What is the boiling point of water?

7. Which of the gases below does not burn?

8. Which of these is a chemical change?

9. Lettuce —-> slug ——> thrush ——-> fox

The second organism in any food chain is always what?

10. Does the Sun rise in the North, South, West or the East

11. What do we call the line followed by a planet as it moves around the sun?

Which diagram above contains a Liebig condenser?

13. cell4Do you think this cell is from an animal or plant?

14. Name three structures you would find in all living cells

15. How can alcohol be obtained from wine?

16. cell1This is a diagram of a typical animal cell.

What is represented by structure labelled B?

17. Tim mixed four different chemicals with water.

Which of them do you think dissolved?

18. apparatus3What is the name of the piece of apparatus shown?

19. variable-resistorWhat is the name of this component?

20. Why is it preferable for ice skates to have a very thin edge?

21. cell1 cell2These diagrams show two cells one from an animal and one from a plant.

Pick three structures that are present in both cells

22. This image shows the magnetic field lines around a bar magnet

bar-magnetWhich end of the magnet will be north, A or B?

23. Why is vitamin C important in our diet?

24. The circuit diagram shows 4 components

circuit1What changes would you notice to this circuit if you placed your hand over component B making it darker?   (Tick all that apply)

25. Why might we add iodine solution to a slice of food in the laboratory

26. What kind of substance is air

27. Bacteria and fungi help plants rot in the soil
True or false?

28. What instrument would you use to measure a force?

29. flower 

The diagram shows some different parts of a flower

Which part is the stigma?

30. A liquid with a pH of 9 would be described as …..