Common Entrance Revision: 30 average and harder questions
KS3 Levels 4 and 5

1. The statements below describe some properties of light and sound.

Tick those that are correct.

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2. balanceThe diagram shows a log supported at its centre.
Peter is 1.5m from the centre and John is 2.5m from the centre.
Does the log balance, and if not which side goes down?

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3. What are microbes?

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4. How would you try to identify water vapour in the air?

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5. Pick the best description to describe the word REFLECTION:

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6. At which of the times below will your shadow be the shortest?

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7. This diagram shows a block of iron and a block of wood which have been added to a beaker of water.
Which would have the greatest volume (take up the most space),1kg of water, 1kg of wood or 1kg of iron?

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8. Word equations for 4 different reactions are shown.
Which of them is an example of a displacement reaction?

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9. What is the length  of time between fertilization and the birth of a human baby?

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10. Name an instrument for measuring the current in a circuit

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11. Pick the correct sentence from those given to best  describe the term below:


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12. Citric acid would be found in which house-hold substance?

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13. Which part of our body removes soluble waste and excess water from the blood

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14. What colour will universal turn when mixed with hydrochloric acid?

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15. circuit2In which of the circuits shown will the bulb (or bulbs) be the brightest?

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16. What is the melting point of water?

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17. Tim mixed four different chemicals with water.

Which of them do you think dissolved?

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18. What is yeast used for?

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19. Which is the largest out of


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20. Name the waste gas that we breath out
(produced during respiration)

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This diagram shows the water cyclewater cycle3Whatprocess is taking place at number 2?

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22. Cu is the symbol for which chemical element

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23. Name a chemical that decomposes to form oxygen when it is heated

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24. What colour is hydrated copper sulphate

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25. In what way do gametes differ from other cells in our body ?

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26. Name the organ where sperm are made in the male

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body5Which organ is the small intestine?

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28. What type of object is the Sun

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29. What is the unit of volume?

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30. Something has gravitational potential energy when….

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