Common Entrance Revision: 30 average and harder questions
KS3 Levels 4 and 5

1. submarineThe picture shows a submarine which is not moving.

There are two forces on the submarine: Upthrust (X) and gravity (Y) Which force is bigger?

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2. antPick TWO features that show this animal to be an insect

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3. Which of the following is NOT true about the Moon

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4. Is Mercury metal a solid, liquid or gas?
(at normal room temperature)

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5. flowerLook at the diagram of a flower.

What is the name of the part labelled a ?

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6. Pick the correct sentence from those given to best  describe the term below:


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7. The circuit diagram shows 4 components

circuit1What changes would you notice to this circuit if you placed your hand over component B making it darker?   (Tick all that apply)

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8. Photosynthesis is how plants make food

Why does photosynthesis usually stop at night?


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9. A liquid with a pH of 9 would be described as …..

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10. What chemical change will happen to copper foil when it is heated?

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11. What is the name of the force which causes a moving car to slow down?

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12. This diagram shows the water cycle
water cycle3Where does the energy come from that drives the water cycle?

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13. What do we mean by an animal being cold blooded?

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14. Metal is the best material for a radiator because it

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15. What is meant by your ‘pulse’

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16. Two magnets, when brought near each other are found to REPEL.
If the pole of one magnet is north what is the other pole?

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17. Pollen reaching the stigma of a plant is known as

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18. What is the main function for the leaves of a plant

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19. Where are the female gametes (ovules) in a plant found?

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20. Flour is INSOLUBLE in water. When flour is shaken with water what will it form?

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21. Where are the eggs made in an animal?

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22. Tim mixed four different chemicals with water.

Which of them do you think dissolved?

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23. What colour is sulphur?

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24. What is the unit of Mass?

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25. George thought that large magnets would be stronger than small magnets. This statement is a ….

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26. What colour is copper sulphate?

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27. Which of the energy changes below represents that which takes place when a stone is dropped

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28. Which of the sentences below is not correct

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29. Peter has three coloured felt pens which he labelled A, B and C.
He used the apparatus below to separate the dyes used to make colours from each of the pens.

Which pen has an ink made from 4 dyes mixed together?Chromatography_tank2

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30. A spring is 10cm long.
When 3 newtons are hung from it the sprng becomes 16cm.

springs1springs-parallelTwo springs are now joined in parallel (side by side) and 1 N added as a load.

How long would the springs be now (length X)

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