Common Entrance Physics – 30 Multiple choice questions

1. Which of the following metals are magnetic

2. balanceThe diagram shows a log supported at its centre.
Peter is 1.5m from the centre and John is 2.5m from the centre.
Does the log balance, and if not which side goes down?

3. What formula is used to calculate volume?

4. Weather is colder in winter in England compared to the summer because….

5. Something has gravitational potential energy when….

6. Which of the energy changes below represents that which takes place when an arrow is fired from a bow?

7. circuit1bThe diagram shows a circuit containing two similar bulbs and a battery.

If Bulb B is unscrewed what will happen to bulb A?

8. Something has kinetic energy when….

9. Which of the following is not a form of energy

10. What is the boiling point of water?

11. What happens to the current through a component if the voltage is increased?

12. At which of the times below will your shadow be the shortest?

13. What is the name of the force which causes a moving car to slow down?

14. Fran pulled a box containing some weights across the carpet. She used a force meter to measure the force needed to pull the box.
What force was making the box difficult to move?

15. What instrument would you use to measure a force?

16. circuit3Look at the circuit diagram which shows 2 cells connected to three bulbs.
What would happen if we added an extra cell?

(Tick ALL that apply)

17. If you went to the moon what would happen to your weight?

18. How does it help you to be seen when you wear a ‘Hi-Viz’ yellow jacket at night?

19. A boy runs 100 metres in 20 seconds.
What is his average speed?

20. Pick the largest object from the list below


21. What is the unit of Mass?

22. circuit4The circuit shows two bulbs and a switch.
Both bulbs are on.

Is the switch OPEN or CLOSED?

23. Which of the following statements about the Moon is true?

24. Which of the energy changes below represents that which takes place in an electric motor?

25. A change of electrical energy into kinetic (speed) energy could be produced by

26. The fourth planet from the Sun is

27. Burning coal converts chemical energy into what kinds of energy (tick TWO boxes)

28. How many mm in a metre?

29. A moving car has which kind of energy:

30. A solar eclipse happens when