Common Entrance Physics – 30 Multiple choice questions

1. Which of the energy changes below represents that which takes place in an electric motor?

2. Day and night is caused by

3. The statements below describe some properties of light and sound.

Tick those that are correct.

4. A change of electrical energy into kinetic (speed) energy could be produced by

5. Which of these substances aree electrical insulators?

6. What causes day and night?

7. A student measured the temperature of some hot water every 60 seconds
The diagram above shows the cooling curve she produced from her results.
What was the temperature of the water after 10 minutes?

8. This diagram shows a block of iron and a block of wood which have been added to a beaker of water.
Which would have the greatest volume (take up the most space),1kg of water, 1kg of wood or 1kg of iron?

9. A ball sitting at the top of the stairs has what kind of energy:

10. circuit3If I unscrewed bulb B from its holder what would happen to the other bulbs?

11. circuit2In which of the circuits shown will the bulb (or bulbs) be the dimmest?

12. Pick the largest object from the list below


13. submarineThe picture shows a submarine which is not moving.

There are two forces on the submarine: Upthrust (X) and gravity (Y) Which force is bigger?

14. What needs to be done to increase the pitch of a guitar string?

15. The diagram shows a roller coaster car moving downwards quite fast.

Which force is making the car speed up (X or Y)?

16. A car is travelling at 60 km/h
How far will it travel in two hours?

17. astro1image2What event does this diagram represent?

18. How does it help you to be seen when you wear a ‘Hi-Viz’ yellow jacket at night?

19. The Earth is tilted slightly so one pole points towards or away from the Sun
The tilt of the Earth causes which of the following events?
(Tick all that apply)

20. If the North seeking pole of one magnet is brought near the south seeking pole of another magnet what will happen?

21. A firework rocket is resting in its launcher at position 1.
After being lit the rocket climbs to position 3 (its highest point) from where it falls back to the earth, hitting the ground at position 5.

energy1At postion 2 there is an energy change
Chemical energy

Energy A → Energy B → Energy C
What energy forms does the chemical energy change into?
(tick all that apply)

22. In order to make a guitar string vibrate quicker what needs to be done to it?

23. circuit1 

Which of the lamps in the diagram will be on?

24. Name an instrument for measuring the current in a circuit

25. A falling stone will have what kind of energy?

26. variable-resistorWhat is the name of this component?

27. circuit1bThe diagram shows a circuit containing two similar bulbs and a battery.

If Bulb B is unscrewed what will happen to bulb A?

28. What do we call something that does not allow light to pass through it?

29. Which of the following is not a force

30. What is the name of the force which causes a moving car to slow down?