Common Entrance Physics – 30 Multiple choice questions

1. The circuit diagram shows 4 components

circuit1What changes would you notice to this circuit if you placed your hand over component B making it darker?   (Tick all that apply)

2. Pick the correct sentence from those given to best  describe the term below:


3. The legs of a chair each have an area of 20cm2 .

The chair has  4 legs and a mass of 4kg.

What is the pressure of each leg on the ground?

4. The diagram shows a roller coaster car moving downwards quite fast.
The arrows represent two forces which act on the roller coaster.

What does X represent?

5. A block of plastic has a volume of 6cm3 and a mass of 12g.
What is the DENSITY of the plastic?

6. Name the metric unit for energy

7. From the list given which would be the best instrument for finding the mass of a small stone?

8. What sort of energy is produced by an electric motor?

9. Which travels faster – sound or light?

10. What instrument would you use to measure a force?

11. What is the unit of Weight?

12. Pick the best description to describe the word REFLECTION:

13. A falling stone will have what kind of energy?

14. What is the unit for electrical current?

15. What unit is used to measure energy?

16. A block measures 10cm x 8cm x 5cm
It has a mass of 2kg

What is the volume of the block (in cm³)?


17. circuit2In which of the circuits shown will the bulb (or bulbs) be the dimmest?

18. Alice put four objects on to a tray and slowly tipped it up.
The pencil sharpener slid first. The matchbox slid next. Then the scissors. The rubber slid last. Which object had the most friction between it and the tray?

19. What needs to be done to make a guitar string sound higher

20. A ball sitting at the top of the stairs has what kind of energy:

21. If a guitar string is plucked harder what will happen?

22. What sort of surface should something have to prevent slipping?

23. George thought that large magnets would be stronger than small magnets. This statement is a ….

24. Burning coal converts chemical energy into what kinds of energy (tick TWO boxes)

25. The circuit below shows 3 lamps (P, Q and R) and 4 ammeters (A1, A2, A3 and A4)
The lamps are all similar to each other.

ammetersA1 reads 0.3A.

Will the reading of A4 be more than 0.3A, less than 0.3Aequal to 0.3A or zero amps?

26. Why is it preferable for ice skates to have a very thin edge?

27. circuit1 

Which of the lamps in the diagram will be on?

28. Which of the times below will produce the longest shadow?

29. The circuit diagram shows 4 components represented by circuit symbols

circuit1Which of the symbols represents a LDR (light dependent resistor)?

30. What force holds a planet in orbit around the sun?