Common Entrance Chemistry – 30 Multiple choice questions

1. Substances can be obtained from the ground in a variety of ways.

Which reactive low density metal is extracted  from its ore using electricity?
2. Flour is INSOLUBLE in water. When flour is shaken with water what will it form?
3. What colour is hydrated copper sulphate
4. Look at the graph below which shows the solubility of 3 substances A, B and C  in 100g of water at different temperatures
graph2How many grams of solute A dissolves in water which is at 70°C?
5. A window is made out of glass because glass is
6. Name a substance with a pH value more than pH7
7. Which of the description of particles in a substance below represents a GAS?
8. Which is the best way to get the salt back from some salty water
9. What chemical change will happen to copper foil when it is heated?

This diagram shows the water cyclewater cycle3Whatprocess is taking place at number 2?
11. A boy dissolved some salt in warm water. What do we call the resulting mixture?
12. apparatus4What is the purpose of the piece of apparatus shown?
13. air

Look at the diagram above.

100 cm3 of air is put in one of the syringes. When the copper is heated it reacts with the oxygen in the air inside the syringe.

The syringe plungers are moved in and out so that all of the air is passed over the hot copper. When there is no further change the apparatus is allowed to cool (to allow the heated air to contract.Some copper remains unreacted because there is no oxygen left in the syringe.The gas remaining in the syringe is mostly nitrogen.ResultsVolume of air in syringe at start = 100cm3
Volume of air in syringe after heating = 79 cm3
 What volume of air was used up by the copper?
14. Pick an acidic oxide from the list
15. The term ‘ TEXTILES’ refers to what group of substances?
16. If a cup of tea is to kept warm it needs to be wrapped in what kind of material?
17. Pick a chemical that decomposes when heated
18. What is the chemical symbol for magnesium?
19. SALTY WATER is best described as….
20. Word equations for 4 different reactions are shown.
Which of them is an example of a neutralization reaction?
21. Powdered wood charcoal (carbon) is mixed with copper oxide and heated strongly.
A red glow is seen to spread though the mixture. When the mixture has cooled a pink residue is seen.

Name the two products of this reaction.
22. Which of the following would you use filtration for?
23. What would be the product when water is added to anhydrous copper sulphate?
24. Burning magnesium will react with carbon dioxide to produce a white smoke and leave small black specks of carbon.

What would be the products of the reaction between magnesium and carbon dioxide gas?
25. What solid is formed when limestone is heated?
26. Which of the following substances below can you use as a fuel?
27. How would you try to identify water vapour in the air?
28. The term ‘ CERAMICS’ refers to what group of substances?
29. cuso4.3-300x225This apparatus is being used to collect the water produced when copper sulphate is heated.

Why is it an important safety requirement not to let the open end of the delivery tube touch any water in the beaker or test tube?
30. What is the test for oxygen gas?