Common Entrance Chemistry – 30 Multiple choice questions

1. Ca is the symbol for which chemical element
2. Which of these is a chemical change?
3. What process would be used to obtain the solvent from a solution?
4. What colour is copper sulphate?
5. Pick a liquid that is a mild alkali
6. What colour is sulphur?
7. Some copper foil is heated in a sealed test tube until the copper stops changing colour. What gas is the copper reacting with?
8. About 20cm of magnesium ribbon is chopped up into 1cm lengths and placed in a crucible which is then weighed along with its lid.

The crucible is heated strongly and the lid gently raised avery few seconds.

When the reaction is over a white ash could be seen in the crucible.
The crucible + ash + lid are all re-weighed

These are his results:
  • Mass of empty crucible + lid  = 51.2g
  • Mass of crucible + lid + magnesium (before heating) = 54.3g
  • Mass of crucible + lid + contents (after heating) = 54.7g

What is the name of the white ash that remains in the crucible after the experiment 
9. What colour would Universal Indcator turn when added to a neutral liquid?
10. Name the two products when magnesium reacts with zinc oxide
11. Word equations for 4 different reactions are shown.
Which of them is an example of a combustion reaction?
12. Some copper foil is heated in a sealed test tube until the copper stops changing colour.
What colour does the copper become?

This diagram shows the water cyclewater cycle3Whatprocess is taking place at number 2?
14. Pick a chemical that decomposes when heated
15. Pick a substance that burns with a bright white flame
16. Exactly enough sodium hydroxide solution is added to hydrochloric acid to make a neutral solution.
How can salt (sodium chloride crystals) be obtained from the resulting solution?
17. Substances can be obtained from the ground in a variety of ways.

Which reactive low density metal is extracted  from its ore using electricity?
18. Pick an acidic oxide from the list
19. Name a chemical that turns into a purple vapour when heated
20. In a solution of salty water, the salt is called the
21. Sam notices drops of water forming on the mirror when he was having a bath.
This is because water vapour in the air is doing what?
22. When crystals of copper sulphate are heated strongly in a test tube they
23. What is the chemical formula for SALT (sodium chloride)?
24. Powdered wood charcoal (carbon) is mixed with copper oxide and heated strongly.
A red glow is seen to spread though the mixture. When the mixture has cooled a pink residue is seen.

The reaction above is an example of oxidation and reduction.

During this reaction, which chemical is being oxidised and which is being reduced?
25. Substances can be obtained from the ground and purified in a variety of ways.
Which common metal is extracted by heating its ore to a high temperature with coke (carbon) in a blast furnace.
26. Which of the below is not an example of a chemical change?
27. Kitchen cooking foil is made out of which substance
28. Copper, iron, gold, and aluminium are all examples of what?
29. cuso4.3-300x225This apparatus is being used to collect the water produced when copper sulphate is heated.

Why is it an important safety requirement not to let the open end of the delivery tube touch any water in the beaker or test tube?
30. When a bunsen burner is lit, should the air-hole be open or closed?