Common Entrance Chemistry – 30 Multiple choice questions

1. Pick a chemical that decomposes when heated
2. Peter has three coloured felt pens which he labelled A, B and C.
He used the apparatus below to separate the dyes used to make colours from each of the pens.

Chromatography_tank2What is the name of the process being carried out? 
Which piece of apparatus would be used to separate sand from seawater?
4. Which of the description of particles in a substance below represents a GAS?
5. What colour is hydrated copper sulphate
6. If a substance contains only one kind of atom it is most likely to be
7. What process would be best used to obtain pure water from sea water?
8. Burning magnesium will react with carbon dioxide to produce a white smoke and leave small black specks of carbon.

What would be the products of the reaction between magnesium and carbon dioxide gas?
9. When a bunsen burner is lit, should the air-hole be open or closed?
10. What is the chemical symbol for iron?
11. What is the chemical formula for SALT (sodium chloride)?
12. What is the pH value of pure water?
13. Exactly enough sodium hydroxide solution is added to hydrochloric acid to make a neutral solution.
How can salt (sodium chloride crystals) be obtained from the resulting solution?
14. Name the two products when magnesium reacts with zinc oxide
15. The metal inside an electric wire is normally made out of….
16. Metal is the best material for a radiator because it
17. Some copper foil is heated in a sealed test tube until the copper stops changing colour. What gas is the copper reacting with?
18. Pick an neutral oxide from the list
19. A liquid with a pH of 6 would be described as …..
20. What is happening to water when it is left to boil in a kettle?
21. Which of the gases below burns well and can be used as a fuel?
22. You have four substances which you label A, B, C and D.
One is a mixture, one a metallic element one a non-metallic element and one a compound.

They have the following properties:
AA yellow, crumbly solid that burns to form a single, colourless gas which turns universal indicator red.
BA grey, malleable solid that burns to form a single, white, alkaline oxide.
CA colourless liquid. The liquid is warmed in a shallow dish and after a few minutes a white residue is seen.
DA green solid that decomposes when heated to form a colourless gas and leave a black powder.
Which of the substances is likely to be a mixture ?
23. What gas is produced when zinc is added to dilute sulphuric acid?
24. Which of the below is not an example of a chemical change?
25. The substance found in pencil ‘leads’ is made from
26. Jane has two bowls on her bench.
One contains fine brown sugar. The other contains sand.
To find out which was which she stirred each into some warm water. Which will dissolve?
27. Pick a substance that burns with a bright white flame
28. What process would you  use to remove the flour from a suspension of flour in water?
29. A liquid with a pH of 7 would be described as …..
30. When a gas changes to a liquid the process is called