Common Entrance Biology – 30 Multiple choice questions

30 questions CE average/good  ability

1. Why are fresh fruit and vegetables important in our diet?
2. How is a sperm different to an egg in a human?
3. A section from an animals liver would be best described as
4. To which group of animals does a frog belong ?
6. Substances that help build and repair body tissues (like skin and muscle) will be high in which food substance?
7. Neurons are found mainly in what part of our body?
8. Why is the mineral calcium important in our diet?
9. How many lungs are there in a the body of a normal boy or girl
10. Which part of a flower does pollen reach during pollination?

11. Which of the following animals is a reptile (has a scaly skin)
12. In what way do gametes differ from other cells in our body ?
13. flowerLook at the diagram of a flower.
Where would you find the ovules?
14. Name the organ that supplies the embryo with food and oxygen
15. Taking cuttings, budding and forming runners are all examples of what process?
16. cell4Do you think this cell is from an animal or plant?
17. Give an example of a fish
18. What does the kidney do?
19. What is the hard outside part of the tooth made from?
20. Which of the following bones protects the spinal cord and supports the head
21. What is a ZYGOTE?
22. Which of the features listed below would be found in ALL living animals an plants
23. Name a food which is a good source of protein:
24. What are the main features you would look for in a plant to show that it was pollinated by insects or other animals?

(plants are either pollinated by animals or by the wind)
25. How many kidneys are there in the body of a normal boy or girl
26. How does exhaled air compare with inhaled air?
27. flowerThe diagram shows different parts of a flower

What is the name of part d?
28. What do we call the first organism in any food chain?
29. These organs clean the blood and produce urine
30. Which are smaller, bacteria fungi or viruses