Common Entrance Biology – 30 Multiple choice questions

30 questions CE average/good  ability

1. Which of the following is NOT caused by bacteria
2. Antibiotics kill which type of organism?(tick all that apply)
3. Where is the male gamete (pollen) formed in plants?
4. Name a food which is a good source of protein:
5. Complete the word equation for potosynthesis:Carbon dioxide + water   (+ sunlight)  → ………………..   ……………………..(put two ticks to indicate the two missing substances)
6. What word is used to describe the passage of water through a plant and out through the leaves.
7. Where would you find the cerebellum?
8. Which part of our body controls our actions
9. To which group of animals does a frog belong ?
10. What is meant by the word ‘GERMINATION’?
11. What is meant by a ‘Primary Producer’?
12. Bacteria and fungi help plants rot in the soil
True or false?
13. What are the main features of a mammal?
14. What do we call the first organism in any food chain?
15. What type of food do carnivores usually eat?
16. Microbes are tiny living organisms
17. Which part of your skeleton protects the spinal cord?
18. Most microorganisms cannot be seen without a….
19. The respiratory system describes which part of our body?
20. When does photosynthesis take place in a plant?
21. The spine (or backbone) is used for
22. How many lungs are there in a the body of a normal boy or girl
23. flowerThe diagram shows different parts of a flower

What is the name of part d?
24. What conditions from its environment does a seedling need to help it grow?
25. Name three structures you would find in all living cells
26. When does respiration take place in a plant?
27. Which of the following bones protects the spinal cord and supports the head
28. From where would the producer in a habitat obtain its energy?
29. spiderTo which group does this animal belong?
30. You find an animal whose body is covered with fur.

To which animal group is the animal likely to belong?