Common Entrance Biology – 30 Multiple choice questions

30 questions CE average/good  ability

1. What would be the effect on a habitat if all the herbivores suddenly died out
2. Which part of our body controls our actions
3. What organ in our body contains valves?
4. Which part of your skeleton protects the heart and lungs
5. Enzymes are needed by our body to help us do what?
6. Arachnids’ are another name for which kind of animal
7. Why is the mineral calcium important in our diet?
8. Which part of a cell contains the genetic material?
9. Which of the following bones protects the spinal cord and supports the head
10. What are the main features of a reptile?
11. What biological process releases oxygen into the atmosphere?
12. What are the main features of amphibian?
13. What name is given to the tiny blood vessels that bleed when you graze your knee?
14. What joins muscles to a bone?
15. The respiratory system describes which part of our body?
16. ANTAGONISTIC MUSCLES are muscles that
17. From where would the producer in a habitat obtain its energy?
18. What conditions from its environment does a seedling need to help it grow?
19. Glucose + oxygen      →    carbon dioxide   +  water + energy
The word equation above describes which biological process?
20. What is the main reason a plant has leaves?
21. Name three structures you would find in all living cells
22. You have seed that you have just taken from its packet.
In order to make it germinate what conditions will the seed need?
23. What name is given to the blood vessels that carry blood toward the heart?
24. What is a gamete?
25. What is CHLOROPHYLL?
26. Give an example of a reptile
27. cell4This is a diagram of a plant cell
What is the function of the chloroplasts?
28. Why might we add iodine solution to a slice of food in the laboratory
29. Which part of our body removes soluble waste and excess water from the blood
30. A kidney is best described as