Common Entrance Biology – 30 Multiple choice questions

30 questions CE average/good  ability

1. Enzymes are needed by our body to help us do what?
2. Arachnids’ are another name for which kind of animal
3. From where would the producer in a habitat obtain its energy?
4. What name is given to the blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart?
5. What is the hard outside part of the tooth made from?
6. A: Adults mate B: child grows into an adult
C: Eggs are fertilized by sperm D: baby is born
E: baby develops in the mother
Put the letters in the correct order (starting with A)
7. Name three structures you may find in a plant cell but not an animal cell
8. Amylase is an enzyme which does what?
9. What type of animal is an omnivore?
10. The spine (or backbone) is used for
11. What biological process releases oxygen into the atmosphere?
12. How many lungs are there in a the body of a normal boy or girl
13. Which of these sentences is correct
14. Which of the following bones protects the spinal cord and supports the head
15. cell4How can you be certain that this cell is from a plant?
16. Which of these facts is NOT true about a girl when her body reaches puberty
17. You have seed that you have just taken from its packet.
In order to make it germinate what conditions will the seed need?
18. Lettuce —-> slug ——> thrush ——-> fox

The third organism in any food chain will always be a
19. Pick the two products of respiration
20. How many kidneys are there in the body of a normal boy or girl
21. What joins muscles to a bone?
22. flower2The diagram shows the main parts of a flowering plant.

In which part of the plant are the seeds made?
23. Where are ova (eggs) made in the human body?
24. Which part of the body makes red blood cells?
25. What are the main features you would look for in a plant to show that it was pollinated by insects or other animals?

(plants are either pollinated by animals or by the wind)
26. You find an animal whose body is covered with scales.
The animal is lying in the shade of some grass, breathing oxygen using lungs.
To which animal group is this animal likely to belong?
27. Which of the foods below is the healthiest source of energy
28. Antibiotics kill which type of organism?(tick all that apply)
29. Taking cuttings, budding and forming runners are all examples of what process?
30. Which part of our body controls our actions