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Common Entrance Science Revision — 12 Comments

  1. hi mike

    I am wowed by how much effort you have put in. I use this site every day to make notes on the science dictionary to help me with my exams (CE). I hope you keep it unpaid for and ignore what Colin says because it would mean I couldn’t use it. I thank you so much for putting so much time into it.

    best wishes

    hector greenwood

  2. Mike

    I teach CE & Scholarship Science at a local prep school. You have put a lot of hard work into this and I will definitely use these resources next term. Do you know if it is compatible with VLE platforms (we use Firefly)?. Why don’t you make a charge for access to the site. Are you doing it for the love of Science?

    Best wishes Colin Preece

    • Hello Colin

      Thanks for your kind comments!
      Just for the love of science!…. and you are quite right, it takes lots of time.
      I am just updating to the new syllabus so you will see a few changes creeping in during the next week or so.
      I have no idea if it is compatible with VLE platforms … is there any reason why it shouldn’t be? Anyway, let me know if it isn’t and I will see what I can do to put it right.

  3. Mr Curtis the link to your website says “this site contains malware” in other words “this site has some sort of virus or something” and doesn’t let you access it. I hope you succeed in fixing this.



    • Hello Farzan
      I have now updated the ‘Pressure’ page and added diagrams of a block.
      I have also changed the size of the block slightly so that the calculations are easier.
      …and thank you for your kind comments on the feedback form. MC
      ps I am doing my best to fix all the mistakes!

  4. on physics in pressure it needs a picture, doesn’t it?
    It says “work out the shaded”and…
    “work out side B”
    surely there is meant to be a picture of a wooden brick?

    • Again, you are correct. There used to be a diagram … the diagram went but I didn’t notice the text needed changing.
      I have now updated the text!
      Thanks .. keep up the good work!

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